A light-based wake-up alarm that recreates dawn from your window

Belume by Bloc and Rollease Acmeda

Introducing Belume

Belume monitors its surroundings to regulate and optimise the temperature and lighting in your home. Our window system ensures you have the proper lighting all year round to enhance your circadian rhythm and wake up effortlessly. It also reduces heat loss and maximises solar energy, decreasing heating and air conditioning costs.
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What Keeps us up at night?

Body Clock Icon

Body Clock

Natural light helps regulate our body's internal clock - to sleep and wake up.
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Windows are getting smaller and more overlooked - less opportunity for natural light.
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Home lighting does not match sleep / wake routines.
Sleep Cycle Icon

Sleep Cycle

More than 50% of US & UK suffer from low quality sleep.
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A good sleep and wakeup routine supports good mental health.
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85% of people desire a natural wakeup.

Key Features

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Companion App

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Blackout Shade

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Dawn Simulation

Dawn Simulation

Experience a restful sleep with our blackout feature and dawn simulation light

Our product eliminates unwanted light from the sun, moon, or street lights, allowing you to create the ideal sleeping environment. When you’re ready to wake up, our dawn simulation light helps regulate your body clock and signals your body to wake up refreshed.

Additional Benefits

Energy Saving

With the world getting hotter, energy expenses are increasing, and it's becoming more of a challenge to maintain comfortable temperatures in homes during summer and winter. Over half the world lives in urban areas which do not get enough natural light to help regulate the body clock. Windows play a vital role in regulating light and heat in our homes. Our invisible technology senses the environment and adjusts to control the heat and light coming from your windows, making your home comfortable.

Smart Control

Control your Belume via a remote, a free companion app or automation to respond to heat/light for energy saving. Have a personal sunrise directly from your window to gently lift you from sleeping to wake up feeling refreshed. Recreate a natural dawn or sunrise to match your schedule. A blackout sleep shade with a wake-up light alarm that gradually brightens to provide a natural wake up.

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Privacy and Child Safe

The unique double-shade system, which provides an additional privacy roller shade to allow light during the day, protects your privacy and offers interior design choices. Naturally child safe with simple touch operation.

Belume App Home ScreenBelume App Routine Screen


This is the most interesting thing at the show.
- IWCE 2023
Belume should be the first thing people see when they walk in.
- IWCE 2023
There are almost no light gaps around the edge.
- CES 2023

Product Specification

Cassette & Bottom Rail in White*
Width** 16-79 inches
Drop** 4-79 inches
Depth 3 inches
Roller fabric choice
Cellular Shade
Child Safe
Light Benefits
Improve Alertness
Fall asleep naturally
Wake-up refreshed
Natural Light
Technical Specification
Voltage 100/240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Lamp type Lumiled Luxeon
Insulation power plug Class II
Power output adapter 30W
Power port USB-C
Supplied Adapter 15V
Sound Beep indication
Cord length 400cm
Radio frequency 433MHz
Bridge Not required
Belume App
Platforms iOS & Android
Ambient Lamp On/Off/Set RGB
Primary Lamp On/Off
Cellular Shade Motor Up/Down
Privacy Shade Motor Up/Down
Scheduling Routines
Temperature Set
In the box
Shade cassette
Power supply
Remote control
Fixing kit
Easy to use
Fixing brackets
Controlled via app
No. of alarms 2
Remote control Supplied
Ambient lamp RGB control
Coloured sunrise
Wake-up lamp 28 fc
Lamp warmth Tunable white
Sunrise simulation 20-40 mins
Brightness settings 20-100%

Manufacturing Details

Crafted in US Icon

Crafted with care in the US

Produced in Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
Delivery Icon

Delivery Options

Receive the product ready to install.
10 Year Life Expectancy Icon

+10 Year Life Expectancy

The mechanical functions are tested and highly durable.
ISO Icon

ISO 9001 Certified

Meets ISO 9001 requirements for a quality management system.
Safety Testing Icon

Safety Tested

The process includes testing for electrical and fire safety.
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Supply Chain Resilient

Produced and delivered on time to the highest standards.