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Belume Living

Belume Living Sleep

Belume Living Sleep

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A shade for your bedroom to provide a personal sunrise for your wakeup routine

A light-based alarm that extends daylight from your window when it isn't naturally there.  Estimated current dispatch of pre-orders will be 5 June 2023. Refund available at any time up until dispatch. Terms and conditions apply.


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  • What is Belume Living Sleep?

    • A blackout sleep shade to create darkness to help you sleep by removing unwanted light from the sun, moon and lights
    • A light based alarm clock embedded in the shades and window cavity that mimics a sunrise, and extends daylight when it isn’t naturally there  
    • An additional privacy roller shade to let light in during the day, maintain your privacy and outside view
    • Heat and energy saving cellular shade to create an insulation layer to aid heat retention during winter months and prevent overheating during summer months
    • Spring operated control, simple pull-up and down shade interaction that is child safe
    • Free companion mobile application to schedule the wake-up light alarm
  • Pre-order Details

    Do I need to measure my window?

    Not today, we will contact you prior to us custom building your order and ask you for the width, height and depth of your window. Sizes of 60cm (23.6") by 60cm (23.6") to 160cm (63") by 160cm (63") supported.

    Do I get a choice of colours?
    Yes, we will be offering a choice of colours of the inside facing roller-shade. The outside facing blackout, cellular shade will be white

    Does it plug into my mains electricity?

    No, the shade system is run by high-power batteries, which can be charged easily once installed

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Sleep shades

A blackout sleep shade with a light that mimics a sunrise. With an additional privacy roll-up shade to let light in during the day and protect your privacy. It's that simple