Why Belume Living Sleep?

We want you to have the best sleeping experience and that starts with your environment.  Simply put, darkness to go to sleep and light to wake up.  Back to the natural basics of sleep for humans.  This is what the science and evidence shows, light governs our sleep wake cycle (circadian rhythm)


Belume Living unique offering in the sleep market

  • A blackout sleep shade to create darkness to help you sleep by removing unwanted light from the sun, moon or street lights.
  • A light based alarm clock that mimics a sunrise, and extends daylight when it isn’t naturally there from a window where you would naturally expect it.  
  • An additional privacy shade to let light in during the day, maintain your privacy and view and provide interior design choices.

Belume Living Completely controls the light from your window, that is removing it when you want to sleep and adding it when you want to wakeup.  We provide the complete solution, not just solve one part of it. 


Belume Living vs. Blackout Shades (blinds)

Blackout blinds, shades, and curtains have been around for a long time, so long that people are finally realising they cause problems as well as solve them.  The three biggest issues with Blackout blinds are

  • lack of light for wakeup
  • your view is blocked as well as all natural light
  • there is no option to let light in and maintain privacy during the day.


Preventing sleep inertia

By blocking out light when you want to wakeup, your body does not get the signal to go from rest to alert. Even after your alarm goes off, you can feel groggy and find it difficult to fully wake up.  Even with the best quality rest the previous night, sleep inertia can have lasting effects on your day and can be mistaken as poor quality sleep when in reality your body didn't get a light boost to kick off your natural body clock in the morning.


Maintain privacy, outside view and let light in during day

Blackout blinds block out light and the view. Should you wish to let light in or see the view from your window, you have no choice but to open your blinds and expose the insides of your home.  Belume Living has a double shade system that allows light in, you to view the outside world all whilst maintaining the privacy of your home.


Belume Living vs. Light Alarm Clocks and Dawn Simulation

Light alarm clocks or dawn simulation are products created to address the sleep inertia problem.  However, they are just part of the solution, they do not control the darkness (light from outside) and most importantly the light comes from a bedside table, which is artificial, and not where you would expect it.


Humans expect light from outside, not inside the home

Belume Living’s aim is to recreate the most natural light environment for sleep and that means having light come from where you would expect it, outside. Wakeup alarm clocks are placed on a bedside table and therefore there is no hiding this artificial light wakeup.  Whereas, Belume Living streams light from your window, keeping the same feeling you would get from a natural wakeup from sunlight beaming in through your window.


Less clutter

Light up alarm clocks take up space on your bedside table. Science suggests a clutter free and calm sleeping environment.  With Belume Living, the products are hidden in the window cavity, out of your main environment, allowing you to embrace having a clutter free sleep environment.