About Us

We are a group of innovative product designers and technologists who aim to create the next generation of smart home products.  Our first product in the Belume range is a smart shade for your bedroom that provides a personal sunrise from your window.  Imagine being able to turn up the sun on a dark or cloudy morning to gently nudge you from sleep to waking.  Obviously, we cannot control the sun and switch it on or off as we wish, however, we can create something smart for your window that extends daylight when it isn’t naturally there.

As a core team, we are supported by a team of experts and specialists to rapidly create innovative commercial products.

Belume Living is funded, backed, and supported by a global mass manufacturer with a logistics infrastructure.  This allows us to focus on creating products and experiences that you, the customer, need and want.  The core team is Rachel, Shay and Simon and we welcome you reaching out to us about our work. 

  • Dr Rachel Gawley


    Tech leader with over 15 years experience developing and launching 0-1 products
    focusing on mobile, IoT and VR

  • Shay McGuinness


    Physical product designer and mechanical engineer developing IP and patents within commercial products for the home environment

  • Simon McFerran


    A Software Engineer with 15 years experience in tech startups and agencies. With an eye for design and a passion for semantic mark-up